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Continued support for Nordic-Russian co-operation on journalism

18.06.19 | Fréttir
St. Petersburg
Jens Nytoft Rasmussen
Nordic-Russian co-operation on journalism will continue in 2019-20. The explicit assertion of Nordic-Russian co-operation on journalism is that free and independent press is a prerequisite of a modern democracy. At its meeting on 18 June, the Nordic Committee for Co-operation decided to provide continued support for co-operation on journalism to the tune of DKK 2.1 million.

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ co-operation on the media and journalism in Northwest Russia has been active for many years. In 2018-19, this co-operation was supplemented with an analysis of Russian media coverage of the Nordic countries, and Nordic media coverage of Russia. In general, the analysis showed that coverage in both directions was extremely negative. Northwest Russia, and especially St Petersburg, is an exception. Here, coverage of the Nordic Region is slightly less political and more positive.

As before, Nordic support for journalism is channelled to the Nordic Journalist Centre and the Danish School of Media and Journalism, which organises courses and activities with a view to balancing journalism and making it more fact based.

The defined objectives for co-operation are knowledge and skills enhancement, network building, and cross-border co-operation.


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