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Nordic Economic Policy Review (NEPR)

The first edition of the Nordic Economic Policy Review was launched in 2009 by the Nordic Ministers of Finance. The review strives to make the latest economic research accessible to decision makers as well as to a broader audience and to contribute to Nordic knowledge exchange on economic policy issues and challenges. The review is produced by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordregio.

NEPR is run by a steering group comprising representatives of the Nordic Ministries of Finance and the academic project manager, Lars Calmfors, Professor of International Economics at Stockholm University and Nordregio. One edition of the journal is published each year on a theme determined by the steering Group, Nordregio and the academic project manager. A launch event is also held each year in order to create a policy-oriented discussion about the current topics.

The 2019 edition examines Climate policy and the Nordic countries. Six articles will be written, each addressing a different issue within the topic. The first conference takes place in Stockholm on 24 October, read more and register here.

Issues that are raised in the 2019 edition include:

  • Are climate policies in the Nordic countries cost-effective?
  • What are the global impacts of national climate policy in the Nordic countries?
  • To what extent does volatility of solar and wind energy production limit its potential?
  • Should new Norwegian oil fields be opened up?
  • How can the EU emission-trading system be made an efficient climate pol- icy?
  • How can insights from political economy research help design effective international climate agreements?