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Closed borders and cross-border labour – How do they co-exist?

23.03.22 | Arrangement
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458,000 citizens – 1.7% of the Nordic population – live in a different Nordic country to the one in which they were born. This event will look at how the pandemic affected them in terms of cross-border working and mobility. This is a key topic in State of the Nordic Region 2022, which is being launched on Nordic Day, 23 March.

The event is both in person and livestreamed.


10:00 - 10:45

Foajé 3


Live from 10.00 am (CET), the 23 of March

The event will begin with a presentation from Anna Lundgren, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio, one the report’s authors, on the differences across the Region regarding labour mobility during the pandemic. They will also offer insight into how the cross-border regions were affected by the extended period of restrictions and border closures. 

Panel discussion

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion at which the speakers will share their reflections on the new insights, take a closer look at how integrated the Nordic labour markets really are, and discuss the steps necessary to become the most integrated Region in the world by 2030.  

Keynote speaker

  • Anna Lundgren, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio.


  • Anna Hallberg (S), Minister for Nordic Cooperation
  • Anna Lundgren, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio
  • Magnus Ek (C), Member of Parliament, Chair of the Nordic Council Sustainability Committee
  • Johan Strang, Associate Professor, Centre for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki

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