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Leave no one behind – Policies to support a just green transition in the Nordics

31.08.22 | Arrangement
Insights from research, labour market representatives and civil society


14:00 - 16:00



Save the date and join the discussion on justice and equality aspects in one of the most significant transformations of our time. In this webinar, the Not Just a Green Transition project (NJUST) invites researchers, policymakers, and experts to discuss with the labour market and civil society representatives what a just green transition entails and how climate policies address the human factor. The focus will be on:   

  • What do we mean when we talk about “a just green transition”?  
  • How do climate policies affect people’s lives – and are the effects similar for everyone?  
  • What are the blind spots of Nordic climate policies?  

During the session, Nordregio's Senior Research Fellows Anna Lundgren, Carlos Tapia and Nora Sanchez Gassen will share research results from two new reports. We will hear views from the youth representative Annika Lyytikäinen from the Nordic Youth Council, Jan Davidsen, the chairperson of the Norwegian Pensioners' Association, Magnus Gissler, General Secretary of the Council of Nordic Trade Unions, specialist Ásta Bjarnadóttir from Iceland's Prime Ministers Office, and many more.

The webinar will be based on a literature overview on a just green transition and a knowledge overview on climate mitigation policies and their impacts published in August 2022. The project Not Just a Green Transition – Examining the path towards a socially just green transition in the Nordic Region (NJUST) is initiated and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and conducted by Nordregio in collaboration with the Nordic Welfare Centre.

The programme will be updated during the summer.

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