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Competitive tendering: Contract on analysis on Power of Attorney in the Nordic-Baltic region

28.02.24 | Støttemulighet
The Nordic Council of Ministers for Digitalisation (MR-DIGITAL) hereby invites tenders for a contract on Analysis on Power of Attorney in the Nordic-Baltic region.


Offentlig innkjøp
tir, 02/04/2024 - 12:00
Økonomisk rammeverk
DKK 1,500.000

The Tenderer is asked to deliver an in-depth analysis of the current PoA landscape in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The analysis should be divided into two parts - as-is and to-be -, and shall include recommendations and best practices, synchronized with the Nordic-Baltic eID-project, while also looking to the coming EUDIW and the SDG regulation (SDGR).


The final results shall be presented in a report to the CBDS Secretariat no later than EOB 13. December 2024. The expenditure on the services to be covered by the proposed service contract is maximum DKK 1,500.000 (excl. VAT).


Deadline for submitting tenders: 2. April 2024, 12:00

Contact person: Cecilia Leveaux (