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Arendal Week 2023

14.08.23 | Viðburður
Nordic co-operation will be visible at more than 20 events in Arendal this year. The way forward after Ukraine, green solutions and the situation of children and young people in the Nordic Region take centre stage. We name the best Nordic health app, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel awards an environmental prize and Nordic Media Days keeps us up to date on populism and disinformation. Join us in the Nordic Tent at Tyholmen!


14 - 18.08.2023
10:00 - 18:00




14 August at 15:00: The war in Ukraine – the way out of the crisis?

On Monday, the foreign ministers of Norway and Sweden – Anniken Huitfeldt and Tobias Billström – meet to discuss the Ukraine crisis and the way forward. The head of the Norwegian armed forces, Eirik Kristoffersen, is also part of a strong panel.

14 August at 16:15 Green procurement – who will be the buyer of the year?

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel – the official Nordic ecolabel – names the buyer of the year.

15 August at 08:30: Exclusion. How do we include more young people?

Every young person deserves to be part of something. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are signs of growing dissatisfaction and loneliness in the Nordic Region. We bring together young people, experts and civil society to address an important challenge facing all of the Nordic countries: How do we include more young people? 

15 August at 10:00: Best and smartest use of health data.

A great deal of work is being done in the Nordic Region on the use and sharing of health data and ethical AI. Here is a taster.

15 August at 11:30: The EU's first aid for consumers confused by the green transition.

While we wait for the EU, the EU is coming to Arendal. Consumer power is strong, but the myriad of eco-labels and green claims make it challenging.

15 August at 13:00: Health data across borders + We choose the best health app in the Nordic Region.

What will it take for the Nordic Region to benefit from the world’s best health data in a safe, secure and user-friendly way? 

15 August at 13.45: The best Nordic health app 2023.

It's time to find the best Nordic health app.

15 August at 14:30: Suicide prevention - from words to action.

We talk about a vision of a zero-suicide rate, but what do we actually do about it? Nordland County Council, Mental Helse, LEVE and Vivat believe that suicide prevention is more than a health issue. It should be included in schools and education, in neighbourhoods and families. And useful programmes already exist! 

15 August at 16:00: Is the model for venture capital in the Nordic Region sustainable?

How can venture capital and a good welfare society support each other? Nordic Innovation and Venture Capital Challenge discuss a Nordic ecosystem for venture capital. How can we increase the amount of private capital that goes into creating Nordic businesses?  

16 August at 08:30: Food for health and the environment – do the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations hit the mark?

We should eat more vegetables and less meat for the sake of both our health and the climate. For the first time, the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations are about what food is good for your health and for the environment. The issue raises many questions and triggers fierce debate. 

16 August at 10:00: Energy crisis – does the Nordic Region have the solutions?

For many years, the Nordic Region has enjoyed relatively low electricity prices and a secure energy supply. Now, prices are high, energy security is under threat and we are in the midst of the green transition. 

16 August at 11:30: Quality in schools – is the teaching good enough?

Quality in education and schools has been a recurring theme in policy debates in recent years – the quality of teacher training, of the applicants and, in particular, of the actual teaching in the classroom. 

16 August at 13:00: Poverty in Nordic families – common challenges and common solutions?

Save the Children and the Nordic Council of Ministers invite you to a political conversation about what needs to be done to maintain a strong welfare state and combat poverty in Nordic families.  

16 August at 14:30: Disinformation and populism in the Nordic Region.

Nordic Media Days invites you to two thought-provoking lectures on disinformation and populism in the Nordic Region. 

We have invited leading figures in their respective fields to updates us on the state of disinformation and populism in the Nordic Region. 

16 August at 15:15: Working across the Nordic Region – how difficult can it be?

KPMG and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Freedom of Movement Council welcome you to a panel debate on the way forward for integration in the Nordic Region.   

16 August at 16:00: Trust – the Nordic superpower?

The COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, extreme weather events, migration, disinformation, inflation and polarisation – the crises are piling up. And that is a threat to trust – our Nordic ‘superpower’. 

16 August at 17:00: Innovation behind closed doors. What are we missing out on?

Entrepreneurship is an important part of innovation, but its full potential is not being realised in the public sector.

16 August at 18:30: Where next for Nordic co-operation on mobility?

The Nordic Region must prioritise hard and make major changes in mobility and transport in order to achieve it climate targets and vision. Should we do a little bit of everything, if that is possible, or should we focus on specific areas?  

17 August at 08:30: New green jobs – from ambition to reality.

How do we encourage young people and those already in work to train for green jobs? The Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic Council, Samfunnsbedriftene and ANSA invite you to a discussion about the future of working life.  

17 August at 10:30: The Arctic ice is melting. What are we doing about it? Join us on a spectacular VR journey.

Climate change is happening faster in Svalbard and the Arctic than anywhere else in the world. The Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Barba expedition, AgderXR and Arendalsuka Ung invite you to experience an extraordinary VR voyage to the Arctic.

17 August at 13:00: Coexistence – the conversations we need to have.

The energy transition in Norway and the Nordic Region requires massive increases in generating capacity and both land and sea areas are under pressure. At the same time, we are also committed to following up on the UN’s new nature agreement and are dependent on the population, especially indigenous groups, having confidence in expansion and supporting it.

17 August at 14:30: Life in the future. The climate-neutral society of 2050.

How will we live in a future that does not put a strain on the Earth's balance and resources? What will characterise the “good Nordic life” in the carbon-neutral society of the future? With the support of the New Nordic Bauhaus initiative, we bring creative and cultural values and dimensions into the discussion.

17 August at 16:00: Culture for nature – from festival to social change.

Artists have always been at the forefront of big social changes. How do we make it easier for them to lead the way, and how should society catch up with these pioneers?

18 August at 09:00: We see, sow and taste – seed quiz and workshop on food security.

The Nordic Council of Ministers, the Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre and NordGen invite you to a workshop on seeds and food security for children and young people.

18 August at 10:00: Join us and build a supermodel!

Scientists used to build climate models, now they add model to model and come up with a supermodel! 

How do climate models work? And how do we come up with a supermodel?