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WEBINAR: Antibiotic resistance - a silent threat in a noisy pandemic era

03.03.21 | Arrangement
Corona pandemi
Ricky Molloy
To follow up on the seminar in Brussels in 2018, the Nordic Council wishes to engage in renewed discussions with European Parliament members, the Commission and relevant partners to address the topic of antimicrobial resistance.


14:00 - 16:00


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The significant and ongoing increase in the use of antibiotics has led to a growing global problem in the form of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. COVID-19 and its effects further underline the importance of the Nordic and EU countries taking action. Failure to make the right policy decisions now may have grave consequences in the decades to come. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) could also pose a serious threat to the treatment of people infected with COVID-19. The Nordic Council is inviting members of other parliamentary bodies to further discuss what concrete actions and measures must be taken next to deal with the threat of AMR in the light of COVID-19.

The programme will continously be updated

Programme (all times are CET)

14:00 Welcome from the Moderator

          Mette Frobenius


14:05 Opening remarks by the Nordic Council

          Bente Stein Mathisen

          Chair of the Nordic Council Committee for Welfare in the Nordic region

14:10 A world without effective antibiotics – the greatest threat to health care worldwide

          Åsa Melhus

          Professor, Uppsala University

Session on the perspectives and concerns about antimicrobial resistance

The WHO has identified antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest threats to the health of the world's population. Recent studies indicate that in Europe alone, an estimated 33,000 people die each year due to antibiotic resistance. Worldwide, an estimated 700,000 people die each year because of antibiotic resistance, and the numbers are expected to increase sharply if current developments continue.

14:20 Overview of EU action in the fight against antibiotic resistance

           Annukka Ojala

           Deputy Head of Cabinet Kyriakides, European Commission Commissioner

14:30 European perspectives and concerns – next steps and actions

           Margrete Auken

           Member of ENVI Committee, European Parliament

14.35 Can the EU learn from the Nordic fight against antibiotic resistance?

           Jessica Polfjärd

           Member of ENVI Committee, European Parliament

14:40 What knowledge gained from the pandemic can we use in the fight against antibiotic resistance?

           Gunnar Skov Simonsen

           Professor of clinical microbiology, University of Tromsø, Norway

14.50 Debate with speakers

           Questions from Nordic Parliamentarians, MEPs and the audience

Session on ways to accelerate efforts and explore links with Covid-19

The pandemic is forcing the Nordic countries, Europe and the rest of the world to act and respond to antibiotic resistance. Coherent efforts must therefore be considered, both nationally and across international borders. Covid-19 and the spread of antibiotic resistance have several similarities: Both are global pandemics that can be combated through prevention efforts. But how can this be done, and what can we learn from Covid-19 in the fight against antibiotic resistance?

15:00 Lessons from the pandemic: New incentive models essential to get new antibiotics to fight AMR

           Anders Fallang

           PhD, Medical Lead Hospital Business Unit, Pfizer AS

15.10 Concrete suggestions for actions in the fight against antibiotic resistance during a pandemic

           Robert Skov

           Scientific Director, International Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Solutions     

15:20 The EU's role in a global health crisis challenged by antibiotic resistance and a pandemic

           Christel Schaldemose

           Member of IMCO Committee & D-EEA Delegation, European Parliament

15.25 Debate with speakers

           Questions from Nordic Parliamentarians, MEPs and the audience

15:45 Reflection on the messages from the deliberations at the webinar

           Kenneth Storm Jessen

           Vice-President, Nordic Youth Council

           Nina Sandberg

           Vice-Chair of the Committee for Welfare in the Nordic region, Nordic Council

           Ketil Kjenseth

           Chair of the Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region, Nordic Council

16.00   Close by the Moderator