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The Foreign Desk: How to achieve carbon neutrality in the Nordics

Johannes Jansson/norden.org
How can we clean up production? Let us talk about the stuff we’d rather not think about: shipping, construction, steel, and data processing. Nordic companies are tackling one of the greatest challenges of our time - the decarbonisation of industry.

Monocle’s “The Foreign Desk” has teamed up with the Nordic Council of Ministers for a new series of five special episodes that delve deeper into sustainability issues and other topics of global importance from the region.

In this episode, we'll hear from the Nordic companies leading the way in the paradigm shift of achieving carbon neutrality in their industries.

Tune into The Foreign Desk (link below) for new insights from Michael Booth and his brilliant line-up of guests:

  • Åsa Bäcklin, Corporate Communications at SSAB
  • Erik Frandsen, architect and partner at Lundgaard & Tranberg architects
  • Lene Tranberg, architect, co-founder and partner at Lundgaard & Tranberg architects
  • Tom Einar Jensen, CEO of Freyr
  • Jacob Sterling, Senior Director, Head of Decarbonisation Innovation & Business Development at Mærsk
  • Dominic Ward, CEO at Verne Global

Please note that this podcast is only available in English.