The Nordic model for consumer and customer satisfaction

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The key element in consumer policy is to create the best possible conditions for consumers: The best conditions with regard to consumer protection and rights, but also in relation to the opportunity for consumers to choose between an ever expanding range of alternatives on a transparent basis.There is a long tradition of creating good conditions for consumers in the Nordic countries. However, having a good baseline must not be used as an excuse for politicians, authorities or the business community to rest on their laurels. Good conditions for consumers benefit the individual consumer, but they also help ensure that Nordic businesses are highly competitive. These are characteristics and strengths we need to build on. If the best possible conditions are to be ensured, it is of course crucially important to know what conditions consumers actually regard as significant. It is important to focus on those areas that have the greatest impact on consumer satisfaction. It is important to be able to allocate priorities - but sensible allocation of priorities necessitates having knowledge based on facts.The purpose of the project was to make a start on the development of the Nordic model for consumer and customer satisfaction, as a step in the direction of consumer policy based on facts. It is hoped that more quantitative arguments can be brought into the debate on setting priorities with the model, and that it will become possible to monitor whether the initiatives that are launched actually have the anticipated effects.
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