Market analysis of organic foods in the Nordic and Baltic countries


The project was initiated in March 2019, deriving from a request from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration who handles the project management on the Nordic-Baltic project ”Nordic Nutrition the Green Way”. The project is funded by the Nordic Working Group for Diet, Food & Toxicology (NKMT) under the Nordic Council of Ministers.The purpose of this report is to provide an overall picture of the organic food and beverage market in the Nordic and Baltic countries. This includes a review of historical developments within the sales of organic foods and beverages across the main sales channels, imports/exports and organic agricultural production. Furthermore, we give an overview of political incentives in the area of organic food, consumer profiles and attitudes, and provide an outlook on the future trends and expected developments within the Nordic countries. The report also includes an outlook for the Nordic region and globally towards 2030. Lastly, the report includes a link between organic food and the UN’s 2030 sustainability agenda and how the individual countries incorporate organic into their national strategies towards 2030.The market analysis covers the following countries:• Nordic countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland• Autonomous areas: The Faroe Islands, Åland Islands and Greenland• Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia and LithuaniaThe market analysis is part of the project ”Nordic Nutrition the Green Way”, which aims at bringing together the Nordic and Baltic authorities and relevant private stakeholders in the field of organic production and consumption. The project addresses the idea of a sustainable and healthy diet for the population and strengthening the Nordic-Baltic identity on sustainability and branding of a greener and more organic Nordic-Baltic region.