Policy Brief: Nordic Stocktake and Visions – Pathways to Climate Neutrality

Project Findings and Recommendations


This policy brief highlights the main takeaways from the project “Nordic Stocktake and Visions – Pathways to climate neutrality”. The project has resulted in two main reports: Nordic Stocktake – Pathways to Climate Neutrality & Nordic Visions of Climate Neutrality. The Nordic Stocktake concludes that the Nordics need to accelerate the green transition, especially within transport, industry and agriculture. Countries that have the tools, know-how and institutional and financial capacity can demonstrate mitigation options in all sectors. The project's visions of a climate neutral Nordic society is not just only about emission reductions and technology. The net zero transformation creates opportunities, jobs and spurs investments and innovation. Nordic climate neutral societies are in social and environmental balance. A smarter society with inclusive democracy and long-term policies.