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Glasgow 02.11.2021: Rural Action Agenda

Island and sea with sunshine
Mika Korhonen
Remote and rural areas, islands and highlands all have their unique climate challenges – and contributions to climate solutions. Join us to focus on the Rural Action Agenda.


All times are GMT.

9.00 AM - 10.00 AM: Nordics spur global uptake of private investments in climate action by 2030

Organizer: Climate Investment Coalition

Nordic announcement of financial commitments towards green investments by 2030, to be reported on annually. Presented by Nordic governments and pension funds, it builds on the 2019 Danish pension fund commitment of US$50bn to be invested in climate solutions and green investments by 2030. 

10.15 AM - 11.00 AM: Sustainable Cold Chain: For the people, for the planet

Organizer: Sustainable Energy For All Initiative; United Nations Environment Programme; Cool Coalition; Clean Cooling Collaborative

This event will showcase the global status of cold chains and successful approaches to sustainable cold chains from countries and private sector, with the goals to inspire accelerated action.

11.15 AM - 1.00 PM: Rural Policies & Climate Change

Organizer: Nordregio, co-organizer: OECD

Join the OECD and Nordregio event to discuss the crucial contribution of rural regions in the transition to net-zero economies.

1.15 PM - 1.45 PM: Lunch briefing - COP26 from a Finnish perspective

JOINT EVENT (Glasgow / Helsinki)

Live from the Nordic Pavilion in Glasgow we give you access to the ongoing negotiations at COP26. In a joint event with the Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki we give you a unique opportunity to ask your questions straight to the people in charge.
Speaker: Marjo Nummelin, Head of the Finnish UNFCCC delegation.

2.00 PM - 3.00 PM: Islands as Hubs of Climate Innovation

Organizer: Scottish Government

An interactive panel discussion at Ministerial level between Scotland, Greenland and the Alland Islands focusing on good practices stemming from islands acting as hubs of climate innovation.

3.15 PM - 3.45 PM: DEAL – Data for the Environment Alliance

Organizer: Ministry of Environment of Estonia

Neither COVID-19 nor environmental problems respect borders or social class. Effective response to global challenges, as well as to environmental problems, largely depends on accessible, interoperable and authentic environmental data and data-driven digital solutions. For this reason, Estonia has announced a new global cooperation initiative called the DEAL - Data for the Environment Alliance

4.00 PM - 5.00 PM: Climate and Citizen Participation

Organizer: Scottish Government

This event will showcase Nordic and Scottish examples of how citizen participation in spatial planning can contribute to building climate resilient net zero communities. It will demonstrate how the Place Standard Tool can deliver sustainable, climate conscious and healthy places, with a particular focus on rural communities.


All events will be streamed by We Don’t Have Time and some events will be shown in the NCM channels on YouTube and Facebook.