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Helsinki 12.11.2021: Outcome of COP26

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Greg Rosenke
Our last day will hone in on the expected outcomes of COP26, or the lack of them. Stay tuned for youth discussions and maybe a minister or two.

Organizer: Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional council, Government of Åland, ReGeneration 2030


All times are EET.

9.00 - 11.00: The economy - tool or goal?

Organizer: Ålands landskapsregering-Government of Åland

With the Paris Agreement, the countries of the world have committed themselves to limit global warming to stay well below 2 degrees, preferably at 1.5 degrees. To achieve this, the use of fossil fuels needs to almost cease. What does this mean for the economy? Does the economy need to be a tool instead of the goal? What are we going to measure? In the conversation, the guests discuss the path to a fossil free economy that not only minimizes the damage of its activity but instead contributes to a sustainable world.

11.15 - 12.15: Towards sustainable living in the Nordic Region

Organizer: Sustainable Lifestyles in the Nordic Region / Others involved: The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands for the Nordic Council of Ministers 

A big part of the green transformation takes place in the private homes. New data shows that the Nordic Region still has a way to go, when it comes to sustainable private consumption. This event will take a deep dive into the possibilities and challenges of a green transition of the Nordic lifestyle. We will discuss how we can help Nordic citizens make smart, green choices.

13.00 - 14.30: Tackling climate challenges together - Solutions and tools from Helsinki-Uusimaa Region

Organizer: Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional council / Others involved: City of Helsinki, City of Espoo, City of Vantaa, City of Porvoo, Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC), Kausal Ltd, Helsinki Region Environmental Authority (HSY)

How can cities/municipalities and companies create an accelerated pathway towards climate neutrality 2030? Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council presents their quintuple helix -model for collaboration to tackle climate challenges on an accelerated timetable towards climate neutrality by 2030.Regional climate work

14.45 - 15.15: COP26 Outcome - what did we achieve, what’s next?


This is a joint event between the Nordic Pavilion in Glasgow and the Nordic COP26 Hub in Helsinki.

15.30 - 16.15: Youth advancing lighter and better living

Organizer: ReGeneration 2030

Join us to exchange on the role that youth as individuals can play as agents of change and discuss the role that the Nordic and Baltic countries have to play in the shift towards sustainable consumption and production.


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